Oxalis presents


Your electrical networks have so much to tell you…
This box makes your electrical networks speak

A bla-bla box for what?

By transforming the micro-disturbances of your electrical networks into DATA, the Bla-Bla Box allows you to:

Optimize performance

To optimize your production
To reduce your energy costs

Monitor the health of your machines

To anticipate breakdowns
To anticipate spare parts needs

R & D

How does our solution work?

A “real-time” e-monitoring solution for industrial equipment powered by an electrical energy source, this solution is made up of on-board electronics on the equipment integrating software intelligence, connectivity and a Software As A Service platform for equipment supervision.

We offer you a hardware and software solution to optimize the “OPEX” operational cost of your equipment.

It’s all in the brochure!


The bla-bla box advantages


Efficient use of your equipment
Monitoring your performance indicators


Complex fault finding
Expertise of your networks during a disaster


Each machine produces data (physical measurements) or derived / enriched data (QHP)


Development of maintenance budgets
Anticipation of failures and spares
Inventory reduction


TCO costs reduction with an explicit performance indicator

Autonomous and interoperable

Battery-free, self-powered, installable and customizable on all electrical machines / brands

Let’s go

Let’s analyze your problem together

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